Registration Problem Solutions


Members are trying to register and get the following error message: ‘SOME FORM FIELDS ARE NOT VALID!!’

This issue is occurring sporadically and randomly across the country, affecting some but not all members. In most cases, the error message appears when trying to complete registrations for more than one person in the same transaction. SportsTG are working on a resolution for this issue and it does appear that occurrences of the error message have been significantly reduced in recent days.
To complete multiple registrations, please register ONE member at a time and complete payment before registering subsequent members.
If you are registering only yourself and experience the error message, please either:

  • make sure that:
    • there are no fields that are Mandatory and not answered
    • Phone Number fields have correct number of digits
    • email fields have the @ symbol
      • As you correct the answers the red text under that field (see pic above - under Volunteer) will dissapear. Once all fields are corrected  the "SOME FORM FIELDS ARE NOT VALID!!" will remain.
    • Click the "Next" button to continue

If this does not work, sign out and try again in a day or two, or contact the HQ Office by phone for assistance as can assist directly.


Paying by Paypal

When you select Paypal as your payment method a pop up will appear to sign into Paypal. Once you have entered your Paypal Login and Password and agreed to the payment you will return to th GameDay payment selection page. This is normal - select next and continue the process.